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Short Films

Breaking College (2019)

Just another daily university broadcast. Today's hard hitting news includes a pencil robbery, scantron Scandal, and the eviction of a library hobo. 

Missing Pieces (2018)

Missing Pieces is a short film about a man who never gave up hope even when pieces of his life began to fall away.

The Ground is Lava (2017)

A little boy learns to be the man of the house during a game of The Ground is Lava.

Pay the Piper (2017)

The piper takes revenge on a town who owes him for his services, but soon realizes he has made a grave mistake.

Sad Face (2016)

A hospital clown struggles with depression and tries to hide it under his "happy face mask."

Scars (2015)

Is it a Halloween tradition or a brutal crime scene?

Irresistible (2014)

Unable to control his urges, a man binges on sugar and ruins Halloween for innocent children.

Hero (2014)

A man running from his past becomes a hero to his family by facing his past and moving on.

Intruder (2014)

Two inanimate objects think they're being kidnapped, when another crime is really at play. 

6:09 (2014)

Zoe's coffee can't seem to stay in one place when she needs it most.

Simple Pleasures (2013)

Emily, a girl being bullied at school, writes back and forth to her grandpa. When her grandpa's letter of encouragement accidentally gets put in the bully's mailbox, it turns out she also needed the encouragement.

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