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Short Documentaries

Good Neighbor Barbell (2023)

Barbell Coach Hugh Sloan's dream is to bring neighborhoods together using his barbell coaching business, Good Neighbor Barbell.

The Long Haul: Zach (2023)

Zach Bragg, like countless others, experienced lingering brain fog after contracting COVID-19.

The Long Haul (2022)

Nataly and Jessica got COVID-19 in 2020 and now have Long-COVID, as do roughly 30% of all cases.

Happier and Healthier (2021)

Stephanie Young finds hope and healing through her cow farm, Hillhouse Pastures. She runs her farm with compassion and kindness towards the animals by feeds them a healthier grass-fed diet and incorporating intensive grazing.

Tony King: A Renaissance Man (2021)

Tony King isn't just a chef, he isn't just a filmmaker, he isn't just a musician, he does it all!

Holding Hands (2021)

Donna Howard runs a thrift store called Holding Hands, and specifically hires adults with mental illnesses, giving them the opportunity to work and hold down a job.

Fly A New Flag (2020)

On November 3rd of 2020, Mississippi citizens voted in a new flag. Here's what you should know about it.

Weight to My Weight (2020)

Addison Bridges is a 19 year old CrossFit coach as well as a junior at Ole Miss. Throughout her teenage years, Bridges struggled with an eating disorder that eventually caused her to have a breakdown. Now she is in a position to coach and influence others who may be going through the same thing.

Out Of Darkness (2019)

Former addict Bobby Pepper shares his journey of hope and healing through Celebrate Recovery.

Oxford Civic Chorus (2019)

The Oxford Civic Chorus celebrates its 20-year anniversary!

Being Here For You (2018)

Despite having Schizophrenia, Kelvin Carson spreads the joy and happiness to students at the University of Mississippi with inspirational posters he creates as a way to spread positivity and to send a clear message to never give up when faced with life's challenges.

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